10 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Decor

10 simple ways to save money on wedding decor

This month, Adam and I will be celebrating our first anniversary! I cannot believe it’s been a year already. I thought I would celebrate by switching things up a bit here on a little bit better and doing some wedding-related posts for the month of August. We enjoyed the planning process and I would do it over and over again if I had the chance. Sure, we had our share of headaches along the way, but there’s something about wedding planning that is so exciting to me.

Although wedding planning is totally different than home décor and cleaning, I have a similar philosophy/approach to both fields. When it came to wedding planning, Adam and I were NOT willing to spend whatever it took to get whatever we wanted. We had a fairly tight budget, but still wanted our day to be beautiful and enjoyable for our guests.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to planning a wedding. I’m going to start things off by focusing on ways to save money on wedding decor. Whether it’s decorating your home or decorating for a wedding, I believe you do not need to spend a ton of money to get a beautiful result.

Without further adieu, here’s 10 ways to save money on wedding decor:

10 ways to save money on wedding decor

1. Consider an outdoor wedding

having an outdoor wedding could help you save money on wedding decor

Depending on the season of your wedding, consider an outdoor wedding. Outdoor venues can be a lot less expensive than fancy banquet halls and they also require less decorating. Nature is already beautiful, so you really don’t need a lot to make an outdoor venue wedding-ready. If you’re worried about the elements, choose a venue with a tent.

2. See what you and your fiancé already have

use decor and craft supplies you already have

Would you look at that! We’re just getting started here and I’ve found another connection between home décor and wedding planning – use what you already have first. Anyways, my advice here is before you plan out all your décor, take inventory of all the decorative items you and your future spouse already have. Some useful items you may already have could include string lights, lanterns, vases, baskets, photos, and picture frames. Don’t forget about plants too! Maybe you have a stellar succulent collection to show off or flowers in your garden that will be in bloom during the month of your wedding.

Something that’s currently on-trend for more casual weddings is to have outdoor seating areas of rugs, tapestries, cushions, and blankets. If this is something that interests you, don’t forget to see what cozy things you already own!

You may also want to see what kinds of arts and crafts supplies you have as well. You may have some paint, ribbon, pallets or other supplies that can be of use. Get creative! We used some of my childhood hoola hoops to hold the guest drink ticket envelopes/place cards. By using decor and supplies you already have, you can save money on wedding decor and show more of your personality at your venue.

3. Borrow from family and friends

borrow decor and supplies from family and friends

It’s unlikely you already have all the décor you’ll need for your wedding, but your friends and family may be able to help bridge this gap.

The church where we got married had a large set of faux floral decorations for the end of the pews. We were able to use these at no cost and saved a couple hundred bucks by not needing extra florals for the church.

4. Buy second hand

buy second hand to save money on wedding decor

Once you’ve considered the items you can use that you and your loved ones already have, create a detailed plan of what the décor for your wedding will be. I suggest doing this before you go thrifting to avoid picking up a bunch of things you don’t need.

Be sure to keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace and consider joining some local Facebook wedding swap & sell groups. This will definitely help you save money on wedding decor, but be sure to shop around so you don’t overpay for something!

5. Don’t go for matchy-matchy

have a more comprehensive colour scheme

It’s unlikely you’ll find a set of 20 matching anything at the thrift store, but you’ll likely find different versions of the same thing. In my opinion, this creates a more effortless, interesting, and eclectic look. You can always paint or do some light DIY-ing to make things look a bit more cohesive. If you’re dead-set on having everything match perfectly, you’re likely to spend more to make that happen than you would otherwise.

The same thing holds true for colour schemes. If you have a very specific 2-part colour scheme, this could cost you more because you won’t have as many options when purchasing décor. By having a four or five-part colour scheme, you can save money on wedding decor by having more options that work with your colour scheme. I also find weddings with more comprehensive colour schemes to look a bit classier, so bonus points for that!

6. Buy decor you can use again or easily sell

buy decor you can resell

You may still need to buy some things new for your wedding décor. If that’s the case, try to buy things with good re-sale value or things you could use again yourself. We knew we wanted lanterns at our wedding so we used a couple we already had and still use in our house today, and bought the rest for $5 each. The ones we bought we resold for more because we included batteries, and so broke even on them.

We were also able to sell some signage and table numbers that we made ourselves with cheap supplies so this helped with costs as well.

I would advise against buying linens with the intent of re-selling them. Many venues include linens and so it may be tough to sell them, but moreover, you have to deal with laundering, pressing, and folding them after your wedding day. Most likely not a priority for a newly wed couple, especially if you’re leaving right away on your honeymoon.

7. Keep it simple

save money on wedding decor by keeping it simple

After the flowers, the biggest stressors for wedding décor are usually the centrepieces and the head table backdrop. But you don’t really need either. We had mostly rectangular tables with a family-style meal, so there wasn’t much room for décor on the tables. We actually had to strip our original plan back so there’d be room for the platters of food. Some simple greenery and pedestal candle holders were pretty much all that was on the tables. As for our backdrop, we had a string light curtain behind some plain white fabric which I think was included with our venue. I don’t even really remember because these things really aren’t as important as we think they are.

In general, having a less-is-more philosophy will save you stress and money. You really don’t need to decorate every inch of your venue!

8. Hire a florist/decorator

this is something people often skip because they assume that hiring someone will always be the more expensive option. However, this isn’t always the case. Many florists can get supplies from wholesalers for cheaper than you or I can get on our own. The same goes for decorators.  They likely have a supply of items that they already own or can rent for cheap which will save you from buying things yourself. My main tip here is to hire a florist who is also a decorator if you can. Depending where you live, it may take some searching but this is usually an affordable option. You don’t be paying double the fees and mileage by getting one (highly-rated) person to do it all. Then there’s the added convenience factor of not having to correspond with 2 different people.

9. Use more greenery than florals

Going off the florist tip, greenery is generall less epxensive than florals so you will save money by having mostly greenery. Picking in-season florals and greenery will also save you money.

10. Reuse ceremony décor for the reception

if your ceremony any reception are at the same venue, than you wont really need to worry about this tip. Otherwise, you can save money on wedding décor by reusing your ceremony décor at the reception. We had a welcome sign that we used for both as well as some vases of flowers. We also had mine and my bridesmaids bouquets double as décor on the head table. If you go this route, just make sure you designate someone to transport the décor from location to location and set it up.

I hope these tips on how to save money on wedding decor will help make your planning process a little bit better. A big thanks to Loni Carroll for the amazing photography! Be sure to check out her stunning work.

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