What is going on here?

Hi, I’m Sarah and this is my blog! I am a new wife discovering a passion for home making – namely interior decorating, organizing, and cleaning.

a little bit better is for anyone who is interested in making their life simple and affordable without sacrificing beauty and functionality. It’s about finding the happy medium between minimalism and maximalism. It’s a bit of this and a bit of that because for most of us, our lives don’t centre around one specific topic.

a little bit better is for anyone who wants their home to be beautiful without spending $$$ on home décor.

It’s for anyone who wants a tidy and mostly sanitary home without sacrificing hours and hours cleaning.

It’s for anyone who wants to look presentable without spending loads of money on products and clothes, and loads of time getting ready in the morning.

Maybe not all of these apply to you, but if one or more do, I hope you stay awhile!

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