Home Decor Tips No One Else Will Tell You

There’s a lot of great home decor tips and content out there, no doubt! However, a good chunk of it just doesn’t seem to be practical for many of us. I have come across a lot of home decor tips out there that either require one to spend tons of money or that can make a space feel stark and lack character.

I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend loads of money to have a beautiful home. It’s very expensive to have your house look like a magazine and if it does, it probably doesn’t feel like a home. I’ve compiled some practical and affordable home decor tips that will help make your space look and feel like home.

Here’s 5 home decor tips the other guys won’t tell you:

1. Use decor that is meaningful to you

using items that are meaningful to you will create a unique space that feels like home
Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

I believe a home should uniquely reflect the people that live in it and one of the best ways of achieving this is by decorating with items that are meaningful to you. Maybe it’s a family heirloom, dried greenery from a wedding, a home decor piece with a funny story behind it, or pictures from a memorable trip.

I’m not saying that everything in your home should have sentimental value and I’m not saying that you should hold onto things that were given to you that you don’t really like. But if you can opt for something special in place of something store bought, your space will be more homey and unique.

For a while, there was a big empty wall in our apartment that was longing for some sort of wall hanging. I resisted the urge to buy something pretty from HomeSense and instead, we had a picture from our honeymoon in Croatia blown up onto a canvas. My dad has connections with a local photo printing shop so we got a really good deal, otherwise it would have run us about $120 for a 20 x 30 (which I don’t think is bad considering the size and that it’s unique to us!)

Your home should be a place that is functional, beautiful, and meaningful. It if only looks good, you’ll probably tire of it quickly and then feel the urge to spend more money redecorating. So let’s just avoid all that, okay?

2. Use what you already have in your home

re-purpose or refresh items you already have to change up your home decor
Photo by Fernando Lavin on Unsplash

Unless you run a really tight ship, you likely have some decorative pieces already that you feel just aren’t cutting it. Before you replace them, try changing things up.

If you’re tired of something, you might find moving it to another room and grouping it with some other pieces gives it new life. You can also try some light DIYing. A simple coat of paint can make a frame or vase feel new to you.

Consider a new function for the piece altogether. Last year, my brother and his wife did some decluttering before they moved to a new apartment. Adam (then my fiance) visited them and brought a few things back. One of these things was a brown and beige utensil crock. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it since I wasn’t in need of a utensil crock but I noticed its colours worked really well in my living room. Now it sits happily on my shelf with some faux eucalyptus in it.

If something just isn’t working with the aesthetic you’re after, there’s no harm in putting it away for a season. If it still feels blah when you rediscover it, then it’s time to give it away.

3. Don’t over-buy

avoid buying lots of new home decor pieces so that your space doesn't feel cheap or become dated
Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash

Once you’ve placed your sentimental items and freshened up your existing decor, you might then want to pick up a few things to tie everything together. If you find yourself in this boat, it’s better to pick up just a couple things that work really well with your space then to get new everything.

One reason for this is that if you buy less you will spend less (yay)! But apart from the obvious, too many store bought decor pieces in a space can make it feel cheap and will likely create a look that will quickly become dated. Buying more can also sacrifice the character of your space.

4. Trial and error

use trial and error when arranging home decor until it feels just right
Photo by Andrew Barrowman on Unsplash

This one is pretty self-explanatory; sometimes, you can follow all the tried-and-true home decor tips out there and things can still look off. If your creative juices are drained, then it’s likely best to leave whatever decorating task is at hand for when you’re feeling more inspired.

However if you do have some creative momentum, try different arrangements of items: different combinations of colour, texture, and size. Eventually you will find something that looks and feels just right.

5. Less is more for home decor!

having less going on in a space will make it feel intentional and not cluttered
Photo by Pegleess Barrios from Burst

If you’re struggling with a particular space, try stripping – let me finish – it back. Having fewer items in an area not only creates a more intentional look but also avoids making a space feel cluttered. This is especially true for the more functional parts of your home (i.e. the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom).

And voila! Those are my best tips for authentic and affordable home decorating. I hope you find them helpful and I wish you every success on your home decor journey!

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